The Light of Zion

“Arise, O woman, shed light, for your light has come. The glory of Yahuwah shines on you." -Isaiah 60:1

This website is dedicated to shinning the light of truth to guide and lead the chosen ones, sheep of the house of Israel back to our chief shepherd and to our God in Zion the Promised kingdom territory of our God.


The Road Leading Back to Zion; Homecoming for Abraham's chosen off-springs

280 pages

God's message to his scattered people of Israel:

  • Who is the true God and what are his activities of long ago?

  • Who are His chosen people and what has happened to them?

  • The road leading back to Zion for the chosen is now revealed .

  • Get this book and study it to learn more

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Follow the light of truth back to Zion; Your word is truth.

196 pages

Israel's light of truth will keep on shinning to:

  • Show the way back to Zion for the chosen ones.

  • Reveal the lies of the invader enemies of our God and his chosen people.

  • Reveal the activities of the living God.

  • Reveal that "God is with us" despite his punishment on us.

  • Get this book and follow its light to return back to Zion.

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Extra oil for your lamps as you wait on your master to return

180 pages

Extra oil for your lamps-light of truth reveals:

  • Extra things revealed by the Holy Spirit of our God.

  • Understanding of the teaching of our leader- Yahushua.

  • Extra light of truth as the chosen ones wait to for our leader to return from his journey.

  • Extra knowledge to keep you awake until the dawn of morning.

  • Get this book for its invaluable contents.

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Listen to the true prophets of God

  • Our God is with us

  • Your life depends on it.

  • Yahuwah honors his words

  • You will gain knowledge if you do.

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